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Born in the heart of Brooklyn, Terre & Botanique is a small batch, plant based hair care brand that thoughtfully blends fruits & vegetables to promote healthy and nourished hair.

From the nutrient packed pre-wash to the vitamin enriched conditioning cleansers, Terre & Botanique is made just for you and your wash day routine!

Offering single use servings of mostly vegan and always cruelty free products, Terre & Botanique aspires to spotlight the importance of knowing thee lifecycle of your products & feeding your hair the right things.

"... I have learned how fall in love with my hair as it is."



meet Steph

For most of her life, Steph firmly believed she had bad hair. about two years ago. She had an ah-ha moment after too many decades of frustration and disappointment with the amount of money and time that managing her “bad hair” was costing her.

She began researching how different plants, fruits and vegetables affected the scalp and hair. Her thought was if food could nourish the body, it could do the same for the hair. As she continues to experiment with her products, her scalp and hair health improved drastically, her confidence received a huge boost and she finally loved the hair she had hated for most of her life.


She decided she wanted to start selling her products because she wanted to instill the same confidence and self love she felt in other black women and men. all black hair is good hair, and her hopes and dreams for Terre & Botanique is that it will help our community realize that.


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"Supporting black-owned business is about more than simply buying products from black entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to use our money to support and build for the future of our brothers and sisters across the globe, ensuring they are empowered to continue cultivating opportunities for generational wealth, financial, and creative freedom."

- Belle


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