Our limited edition signature box was curated to tell our story with the reminder that we are the story of the past, present and future.


Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in history. Since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme.

The Black History Month 2021 theme, “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity” explores the African diaspora, and the spread of Black families across the United States.


" a people we are resilient — as a community our story from generation to generation exudes excellence”

- Belle                          


In celebration of Black History Month, this limited edition signature box tells the story of a resilient and extraordinary people. As a living testament to 'through adversity to the stars' this curated box highlights a unique candle that creates an ambiance of a mystery icon in the Black community, a NYT Bestseller, a unisex statement piece, and a special blkdmnd exclusive that will surely have you empowered, inspired, and hopeful of the hardships of the past that built and continue to build a promising future.


Inspired by the story of the Mississippi Freedom Rider's, the artwork for this box unmasks the everyday heroes of the civil rights movement in a snapshot of time that laid the foundation for so much more than what the eye can actually see in a simple mug shot


In the spirit of accepting and celebrating everything that is black love -- BLKDMND presents a curated mini collection that is a simple & sweet reminder that the love within our community knows no boundaries. There is beauty within us to be shared like your favorite candy bar or a thought provoking idea that connects us all.

Much like The Winged Victory or The Thinking Man we find ourselves caught in a moment of imperfect perfections only to find that where true love resides is within our very own hearts -- an unconditional reminder that we build empires on our own journeys of self discovery.

"...a love that knows no boundaries -- the epitome of unwavering devotion and authenticity"

- Belle



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"Supporting black-owned business is about more than simply buying products from black entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to use our money to support and build for the future of our brothers and sisters across the globe, ensuring they are empowered to continue cultivating opportunities for generational wealth, financial, and creative freedom."

- Belle


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