BLKDMND is an independent purveyor for a diverse set of products ranging from beauty, art, and fashion to home furnishings, consumables and beyond! Our mission is simple: make it easier for consumers to buy black.


As both a digital retailer and lifestyle, BLKDMND brings a series of brands and online products to a curated space by highlighting black-owned businesses, avant-garde labels and partnerships with exclusive artists and creatives. Our main purpose is to make sure people have consistent access to high-quality products that fit into their everyday lives, while giving an immersive shopping experience that is focused on awareness, education, and convenience in shopping with black-owned businesses.


Using our platform, we hope this project will drive social enterprise and change for the black community by supporting black entrepreneurs and creatives and most importantly providing a platform for conscious consumers to be consistently educated and inspired. This concept not only gives shoppers an opportunity to discover, try, and buy brands to support black-owned business but also offers an interactive experience pushing the dialogue for further innovation in the black-owned business space.


Here at BLKDMND we believe there are too many diamonds in the rough within our community and now more than ever it is time to uncover them!