Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

The most easiest and effecient way to contact is through email info@blkdmnd.co where we aim to reply back within 1 business day.

How does BLKDMND partner with black-owned business entrepreneurs and creatives?

BLKDNMD believes in the power of utilizing a strong network to build long-lasting partnerships with retailing black-owned brands only. Ensuring the businesses we work with are at least 50.1% owned and operated, we are committed to strengthening the power of the black dollar. Whether organically reaching out to friends of friends, relying on our current brands business of referrals, or targeting brands we believe align with our mission directly, BLKDMND invites black creators across all industries to work with us. If you are interested in becoming a BLKDMND partner, please submit the application available on our contact us site.

Why are you called BLKDMND Cooperative?

Our brand is inspired by the simple fact that there are many undiscovered 'diamonds in the rough' when it comes to the black community. There are hidden gems around the globe that celebrate the beauty and power of being black and our brand seeks to cultivate and connect this network together as an act of social change and innovation.

Why are the BLKDMND signature boxes a mystery and what do they include?

Each box is curated by Belle and includes 7-8 products that belong to a specific theme. Currently, BLKDMND offers 5 signature boxes: - blk girl magic: curated for women with products for - blk boy joy: curated for men - afternoon tea in the serengeti: curated for tea lovers - 31 flavas: curated for culinary afficionads - pet noire: curated for dog & cat parents Every month a new box will be added as a limited edition curated box but the signature boxes will be permanent. Belle wants to create an experience for each signature box recipient to discover items from emerging and established brands - so if you love a pleasant surprise you will not be disappointed! For any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to email info@blkdmnd.co. Note: Many of the products included are not for sale a la cart. If they are included in a certain signature box it will be noted in the product description.

Store Related Questions

What are the shipping options?

At this point in time BLKDMND is only able to offer standard delivery with the USPS for domestic orders. This usually takes 2-3 days after payment and packaging has been processed (express shipping available for additional costs). Shipping will only take place on weekdays and not on the weekends. International shipping is available for our customers outside of the US. Note: Please expect delays due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the fight for human rights and racial justice.

What do I do if I received a defective order?

We at BLKDMND take great care in the packaging of our products, but if you do receive a defective product we would require you to mail back the product and after assessing the returned product, a refund will be processed straight away. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

Do you sell gift cards?

Not yet! BLKDMND plans to offer this option for our customes to use for future online purchases.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you have placed an order with us, our team works hard to make sure we are promptly starting to pack and process your order, therefore once you are charged we are unable to interfere with this process. If you are unhappy with your item(s) or no longer require them, you are welcome to send them back to us using our returns service for a full refund within 30 days of receipt. Please refer to the return policy for additional information.

I purchased an item on pre-order, when will it arrive?

If you’ve purchased a product with us on pre-order, we will always state the date that your item will be shipped on the product page. This will also be repeated at checkout. Based on your selected shipping method, please allow for your item to arrive within that timeframe. Note: You will be charged at the time of placing the pre-order. You can cancel your pre-order at any time; our standard refund policy applies.

Does BLKDMND have a reward program?

Not yet! BLKDMND will offer a loyalty program to our customers in the future. Stay tuned.