Our limited edition signature box is the perfect way to celebrate the caregivers, nurturers, and mother figures in our community this Mother's Day.


Whether your mother, auntie, grandma, step-mom, mentor, sister, god-mamas,  or aunties who are just your mom's friends...we want to celebrate you!


"...she creates & illuminates life itself. ”

- Belle                          


It takes more than a village...our mothers who raised us are in many ways the reason we are where we are today & without them we would in many ways not learn the lessons of life we know today. When it comes to working hard, balancing priorities, and making sure unconditional love is a reality - i could not be more thankful for my mother.


Inspired by the idea that mothers are the pillars to our households, the backbone of the family i could write endlessly to the women who have inspired me to love and to thrive.

"Dear Mama,

This day is yours and so many more..."



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"Supporting black-owned business is about more than simply buying products from black entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to use our money to support and build for the future of our brothers and sisters across the globe, ensuring they are empowered to continue cultivating opportunities for generational wealth, financial, and creative freedom."

- Belle


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