our founder.

Belle is a New York City native who is inspired by the endless possibilities of supporting black-owned businesses. Starting as a personal passion project to 'buy black' in Summer 2019, Belle faced a series of challenges in bridging her spending habits, brand loyalty, and the convenience factor in supporting black business. Motivated by the facts and figures of the current state of black-owned business support and market trends, for example, a single dollar only circulates within the black community for 6 hours (compared to other ethnicities where dollars circulate for 20+ hours), Belle saw a need to make every day products created by black entrepreneurs a permanent fixture in her household.

Working as a brand strategist and project manager, Belle founded BLKDMND in 2020 as the first step in making buying black easy and affordable. Curating an extensive list of products beyond the typical beauty & skincare lines available to our community, Belle hopes to expose and spread awareness of the power of the black dollar and the wide range of products available that fit into the lifestyle of modern consumers around the world.