Kinky Tresses Coconut Mango Hair Butter is a luscious treat for your hair. It doubles as a daily moisturizer and as a styler. This delectable hair treat contains rich natural moisturizers such as mango and shea butters. It also contains coconut oil, a natural conditioner that penetrates, nourishes and protects each strand of hair. To top things off, broccoli seed oil,bamboo extract and a balanced pH allow the hair cuticles to lay flat. This seals in moisture and provides smoothness and shine to the hair.

coconut mango hair butter

  • Kinky Tresses is a natural hair product company that makes intense moisturizing products for people with dry natural hair. Our products are nontoxic, cruelty free, never tested on animals, only tested on our family members and friends because if they’re not good enough for our family, they’re not good enough for you….that’s the Moses family promise!


    They believe there’s power in having a great hair day, so they are here to help you have as many great hair days as possible. Their mission is to take the frustration out of your hair care routine so that you can focus on living your best life.


    They also believe that everyone should set their own standard of beauty and so we seek to inspire self love and confidence with their products and our content.


    Kinky Tresses was founded by Shawna Moses, a laboratory scientist whose passion for hair care became deeply rooted in her childhood years. As a young girl, she enjoyed doing roller sets, cornrows and twists on her family members' hair. However, it wasn't until her college years while taking a number of advanced level chemistry classes that she truly understood the science behind kinky, curly natural hair.

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