Created with an aromatic blend of finely ground coffee, nutmeg and cinnamon. With an added shimmer ingredient, gold Mica to give your skin a glow before and after exfoliating. Mica is a natural mineral derived ingredient know for its amazing shimmer.

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and caffeine which works to reduce swelling and inflammation. It is said to help to lessen the appearance of scars. It is also a wonderful stimulant which promotes healthy skin tone and rejuvenates the skin! Exfoliating with the coffee scrub will improve circulation, leaving you with a youthful, healthy glow.

coffee glow shimmering sugar body scrub

  • Founded in 2012, Aqualime’s journey began when creator Tenesha Carter, made her first batch of oatmeal bath for her son who is suffering with a mild case of eczema. It is where her passion for skincare began, which soon expanded into so much more including natural facial care and clean home staples.

    Always having and eye for detail, she used her creative skills throughout the years until she found her niche. From product design and development to sourcing US grown ingredients, every detail has been carefully selected and created from her vision. Every product is always lovingly handmade with natural ingredients that are botanically infused, cruelty free and scented with pure essential oils. Aqualime has been featured in magazines such as Southern Living, Good Grit and VoyageATL.