From trendsetting to defining the culture - simply put "genius lives in the hood".


RD has always been a fan of pins. One day he had about 3 pins on his blazer lapel and realized that he was definitely capable of wearing my own art. It went from just wanting to have his own, to being able to create a different entry point for people to experience his artwork.


"It's fun to see people appreciate the thoughts that come flying out of my head" - RD

genius lives in the hood

  • Ronald Draper is a Contemporary Artist specializing in bespoke, mixed media work for both residential and commercial properties. Ronald’s passion for art and education has made him an effective change agent, leveraging his philanthropic and artistic ability. He activates youth voices by creating culturally responsive educational environments, impacting thousands daily. Ronald is not only the Lead Art Educator for the Eagle Academy Network but holds creative leadership positions at the City University of New York, and Harlem Hospital as the Director of Contemporary Arts & Culture. He also serves as a creative partner to non-profits like City Year New York, Children’s Rights, and the Wells Fargo Foundation. 

    Draper owns and operates the RD Showroom in the Port Morris section of the South Bronx. As the first Black-Artist-owned showroom in the Bronx, Draper is working to add to the narrative around the idea of an artist being in control of their own destiny