Lillie's of Charleston has pulled together our customer's favorite spicy items and put them in a single gift box. Experience the "slow burn" of our top-selling "Low Country Loco" low sodium hot sauce, the sneaky heat of our award winning "Hab Mussy" mustard BBQ sauce and new "Hissy Fit" all-purpose, keto-friendly hot spice mix! 

Made in United States of America

Lillie's Hot Variety Box

  • It all began in the early 1950’s in Charleston, South Carolina with Dad and Grandma cooking in the kitchen. Summers spent in the kitchen with Grandma’s sister, Aunt Lillie, is where he honed his cooking skills. No matter who came to visit, they never left her house feeling unwanted, unloved or hungry. This was the birth of our company slogan. As I was growing up, my father owned a restaurant in downtown Charleston called The Rib Shack. During the summers, my sister and I helped and witnessed Daddy giving his sauce away to customers taking food home. This was the birth of our family bottling the sauces, now Lillie’s of Charleston. We are a family-owned specialty food company that produces hot sauces, mustard BBQ sauces, and spice mixes. South Carolina is iconic in the BBQ circuit for its mustard-based BBQ sauce, and our family recipe for hot mustard BBQ sauce, called “Hab Mussy,” won the 2010 Scovie Award! All of our products have names that are inspired by our southern, Gullah heritage. Our “Low Country Loco” hot sauce is a non-traditional, uniquely flavored sauce that packs tons of flavor and is 100% natural. Our hot sauce offers customers an added dietary benefit by being low in sodium (40mg). Recently, we introduced 2 new keto/paleo friendly spice mixes with 0 calories and no sugar. The mild general-purpose spice mix, "Ho-Lotta" delivers flavor with a significant reduction in sodium and our spicy version, "Hissy Fit", does the same with a kick of heat.