• TASTING NOTES: Bold, complex, with hints of maple and spice.

  • REGION: Southern Appalachian Mountains of GA

  • PAIRINGS: Perfect for making your own honey mustard or sauces. For a real Southern treat, drizzle some warm Sourwood Honey on a big ol' stack of flapjacks!


We have the Honey-Bees & Southern Appalachian Mountains to thank for making this exceptional honey for us!!


The Sourwood tree grows 40-60 feet with a diameter of 1 foot.  The flowers are white bell-shaped and hang in clusters 5-6 inches long from the brances. The Sourwoods bloom from late June-July. Sourwood Honey is light in color with an aromatic mild to rich honey flavor, has a grayish hue, and is one of the best prized top quality honeys. A fine premium Sourwood Honey is rare and hard to produce. So enjoy!

sourwood artisanal honey

  • Discover all the colors and flavors of Noble Honey Company. They harvest & bottle the best of the best of mono-floral and poly-floral artisanal honey crops from the Southeastern United States. At Noble Honey Bee Company, you will find light and delicate Wildflower Honey to dark and robust Sourwood Honey and everything in between.

    Honey is the worlds 3rd most adulterated food, meaning that most honey on the market is fake. Here at Noble Honey Co. They pride ourselves on having 100% artisanal honey, never adulterated or cut with cheap sugars to increase profits. All of our honey is lightly strained to remove any unnecessary particles and never heated nor filtered.